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How to Get Rid of Heartburn Fast at Home?

How to Get Rid of Heartburn at Home?

If you've become frustrated searcging for how to get rid of heartburn then welcome!
I think you've come to the right place!
But first, do us a favor and for a moment try to set aside everything you already know about what the rest of the planet calls heartburn.To start, this site might be a little different from the garden-variety, “heartburn remedy” junk you are used to seeing on the net. As you’re obviously still searching for a solution, please allow us to to make one little assumption about you:
You’ve been down the prescription medication route.
It either isn’t working, did work but stopped, or you (like us) don’t want to be on drugs for an indefinite period of time - which could even be for the rest of your life.
No, we think you’re searching for a real solution to your acid reflux pain that does not just involve taking more and more medication.
If our assumptions are close to being on the money, then please stay with us for just a little bit longer-We think you’ll like what you read.

Medically, What Is Heartburn?

Whether as a symptom of GERD, the signs of acid reflux disease, or just plain being called heartburn, it is a condition that affects nearly every single person at some point in their life. The symptoms are largely focused around a painful burning sensation in the chest, which has been known to rise up into the throat. It is associated with the backflow of gastric acid into the esophagus. The burning sensation is known to occur after eating and also at night when a person lies down. It can be extremely painful at times and lead to sleepless nights.

What Is Heartburn?

Is It Only Heartburn-and Just What the Heck is GERD?

There is a big difference between a small digestive problem and the potentially more serious chronic condition that requires medical treatment, however. Heartburn is often linked to cardiac and esophageal conditions due to the fact that the initial symptoms can be so similar. Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is sometimes used interchangeably with the term heartburn however it is a cause of the heartburn rather than just a symptom. Confused? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Some may experience heartburn only once in a lifetime and others suffer from it daily. To many people there experiences seem unique, however their approach to treatment is usually the same. Most heartburn sufferers go through periods of short-term success with one solution only to find they are back at square one. This frustration leads them down a path to more powerful prescription medication and still no real solution.

Drug Companies to the Rescue?

Many people initially start with a trip to the drug store for antacids. The ads you see on TV for Rolaids and Tums represent a multi-billion dollar industry that is firmly set to just treat your symptons instead of curing your disease. To some this provides relief. However, if the heartburn pain continues, most seek out their doctor’s advice who then prescribes powerful acid-blocking pills. This is a large industry in itself with the “purple pill” being the most popular. Around 50% of heartburn sufferers find real relief with Nexium or Prilosec.

These groups of drug are known as Proton Pump Inhibitors, which work by stopping an enzymatic system which produces gastric acid. Reducing the acid levels in the stomach has been known to help heal ulcers and decrease the pain from indigestion and heartburn. However, this decreased level of acid in the stomach can make proper digestion more difficult. This can lead to other medical conditions on its own.

But if only 50% of sufferers find a solution with proton pump inhibitors is that enough? Where do the other 50% go and what are the consequences of the medicine you have to take for life?  Do we know just what are the long-term health risks in taking these acid supressors? Few studies have been done over the long period of time it would take to tell if this could be a real health risk. Conventional medicine believes that as long as there are no long-term side effects then one can continue to take Prevacid, Prilosec and other acid blockers.

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn: Maybe There’s a Better Way

Nexium’s own website tells us that since being approved by the FDA in 2001, it’s been prescribed to patients more than 236 million times.  That’s an enormous clientele and that’s  alot of money.  There certainly is no guarantee that we won’t see potentially serious issues in the future from this long-term drug use. Gastric problems can take decades to turn into more serious conditions such as ulcers or even cancer. Masking the problem with powerful acid-blocking drugs could be a recipe for disaster.

When heartburn rears its ugly head, it is your body’s way of telling you there is something wrong! Therefore, on this site we propose a more natural, holistic approach to helping you get rid of heartburn. We aren’t initially suggesting you stop taking your medication, but our hope is that with just a few changes to your diet you can be heartburn free forever. There are some great home remedies for heartburn right on this site.  We also take a look at some of the foods to avoid with acid reflux.

The best news is that this is something your body has wanted all along. We hope you will keep coming back and share with us your solutions and experiences.  Knowing how to get rid of heartburn and finding out the underlying issue is certainly worth your time.

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