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How to Get Rid of Back Acne Fast?

How to Get Rid of Back Acne Fast?

Acne on the back is very common and can sometimes severe. We can give you the inside scoop on how to deal with both the mild case and the more severe cases of back acne.

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Yes, there are other solutions on the market that claim to be able to get rid of back acne and some of them do in fact work.  However, we’ll be discussing the only product that works consistently time and time again.  Benzoyl Peroxide.

The skin that is on your back is alot stronger than your facial skin. As such, many individuals have often tried applying both a benzoyl peroxide product along with another product like an alpha hydroxy lotion to counteract soe of the drying properties that benzoyl peroxide has. This is absolutely fine and is recommended.

Mild cases of back acne

With the mild case of back acne, benzoyl peroxide would be applied just like the face, however since your back skin is much less sensitive, you can afford to apply a good amount of application the first time around.  Not too much as you’ll only be wasting the product.  About the same amount as you would apply hand lotion to your hands.  Choose a formula with 2% or higher benzoyl peroxide content.  You’ll most probably have to get a partner to rub the product on as some parts of the back are difficult to reach by yourself.

Severe cases of back acne

There are two ways to deal with the severe cases of back acne.  You can either apply the same amount as with a mild case and use a product with a higher amount of the active ingredient.  4 or 5% is considered to be very high and will work excellent but may cause some dry out of the skin.  With these higher percentages of active ingredient, you might want to apply just a tad less than with a 2% application.

The other way you can deal with back acne is by using the 2% formula and of course applying two light applications of the product.  Wait about 1 minute before applying the second application.

check out our product reviews for products that work excellent for the back area.  After your done reading our product reviews, were confident that you’ll never ask how to get rid of back acne again.

Word of caution:  Do not try to apply this amount of product application to the facial area or upper neck.  The facial skin is much to sensitive for this type of application.

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